The first step in the Auction process is to obtain an estimate of what an item might bring at Auction, or its fair market value. This information is provided within the context of an initial inquiry with American Auction & Appraisers. There is no charge or obligation for this initial inquiry when you come to us at our office or during regular valuation visits to your city. In any case, an appointment is recommended.

Fair Market Value can be defined as the price at which a willing purchaser will pay a willing seller, neither being under any obligation and both having reasonable knowledge of all the relevant facts, within a common marketplace at a certain period in time. Fair market values differ significantly from retail replacement values that are usually done for insurance purposes. These appraisals reflect the price a retailer would charge to custom-make or duplicate an item during a period of time.

We can arrange a special visit to examine your Jewellery, Art or Collectables at your home, office, or bank. The minimum fee is $350.00 plus any direct travel expenses. The fee is refundable upon subsequent sale with American Auction & Appraisers.

Additionally, American Auction & Appraisers can offer an all “Cash Buy Out” option before or after an Auction.